In which ridings did people donate the most to political parties? Where do people rely most on public transit? Get to know the 125 ridings that will choose the next government of Quebec. Channel your inner political scientist with our collection of more than 50 mini-maps.


Why redraw Quebec?

A traditional electoral map distorts the true political influence of each riding. For example, Quebec's largest riding, Ungava, covers more than 150,000 times the territory of its smallest, Mercier. However, they have the same representation in Quebec's National Assembly.

That's why, in the maps below, we scale each riding by its political influence: one riding equals one seat. We represent each riding by an equal-area hexagon (Hexagon icon), arranged to preserve the geographically familiar shapes of Quebec's regions.

1. Find your riding

Use your postal code to locate your riding.
Quebec's ridings, regions, and major citiesA hexagon map of Quebec's provincial ridings with major cities and regions labelled.MontréalLavalQuébecSherbrookeLongueuilLévisSaguenayGatineau
Note: Montreal includes its demerged cities.

2. Find your own insights

Each map tells a story that will help you understand the sociodemographic reality of the ridings the candidates are vying to win. Comparing maps side by side can provide further insights. Here’s an example from experts:


Your turn to explore

Get more details for each map, as well as riding rankings, by clicking the expand icon (Maximize icon).

Marc Lajoie with the collaboration of Melanie Julien, Mélanie Meloche-Holubowski, Santiago Salcido and Martine Roy