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FAA order grounding all Air Canada and Rouge flights in U.S. lifted

All Air Canada flights in the U.S. were covered by the brief FAA order.

All Air Canada flights in the U.S. were covered by the brief FAA order.

Photo: La Presse canadienne / Nathan Denette


Unspecified computer issue cited as reason for brief grounding

A brief ground stop order for all Air Canada and Rouge flights in the U.S. due to an unspecified computer issue has been lifted.

A little after 11 a.m. ET on Thursday, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered what's known as a ground stop to all of the airline's destinations in the U.S. due to unspecified internal computer issues.

According to the FAA, the order came at the request of the airline.

Peter Fitzpatrick, a spokesperson for the airline, confirmed that the FAA directive was lifted after about an hour, and that all systems are returning to normal.

Air Canada experienced a temporary technical issue with its communicator system, one of the systems that it uses to communicate with aircraft and monitor operational performance, Fitzpatrick said. There have been some delays as a result, but the system is now returning to normal and the precautionary ground stop has been lifted.

A Canadian federal government source familiar with the matter told CBC news in a statement that there is no reason to believe this is a cybersecurity incident. 

According to flight monitoring website FlightAware.com, Air Canada cancelled 15 flights on Thursday, and 106 have experienced some sort of delay. That's about 21 per cent of the airline's normal route schedule.

CBC News