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III - Jamilla Mohamud

A woman in the subway.

Jamilla Muhamud.

Photo: RCI


(This article was first published in 2018)

Jamilla is a Somali immigrant living in Toronto. She first introduces us to her close-knit family at their home for Sunday night dinner. We then follow her to work at Africans in Partnership Against AIDS, meet two of Jamilla’s friends as they discuss challenges facing Somali youth and explore her civic and community engagements.

1 - From Mogadishu to Toronto

Jamilla introduces her close-knit family at a Sunday night dinner.

2 - Working to Fight HIV

Jamilla works at an organisation that raises awareness about HIV-AIDS. She holds information workshops for members of the Somali and the Muslim community.

3 - Challenges of Somali youth

Jamilla meets her Somali friends at a local restaurant to talk about the realities of being young, Somali-Canadian, and Muslim.

4 - Making a difference

Jamilla talks about the challenges of belonging to a large family. She also shares her passion for volunteering and politics.

Jamilla Mohamud

Jamilla Mohamud was born in Mogadishu, Somalia. Due to internal strife in the country, in 1988, her family fled to Holland as refugees and then settled in Toronto, when she was six years old. She is an easy-going, happy and caring individual who works hard to reach her goals.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree and currently works for the organization, Africans in Partnership Against AIDS, as an Outreach Coordinator working within the many African communities in Toronto, including the Somali community. She uses education as an energizing mechanism to effect change in her community, and is grateful that her family encouraged her to develop extra-curricular activities along with her academic interests.

She takes pride in her rich religious and cultural heritage and wants to use her personal experiences to motivate young people to reach their goals in Canada, which she believes is filled with tremendous opportunities.

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Jamilla – interview.

Photo: RCI / Mark Fiorani

A woman sitting on a table with the Toronto logo on the background.

Jamilla at the Toronto city council.

Photo: RCI / Mark Fiorani

A woman smiling at the camera with a green background.

Jamilla Mohamud.

Photo: RCI / Mark Fiorani

A woman in front of a subway train and a man looking at the camera.

Jamilla at the subway.

Photo: RCI / Mark Fiorani

A woman at the subway while looking at her cell phone.

Jamilla at the subway.

Photo: RCI / Mark Fiorani