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The biggest vaccination operation in history is underway. This crucial step towards a return to normal life is a long marathon towards herd immunity. Follow the progress of this campaign which will put the COVID-19 pandemic behind us.

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The total number of doses received in Canada include the doses allocated to the provinces and territories, as well as a federal allocation for the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canadian Forces and Correctional Service Canada.

Side effects following immunization are counted per person, regardless of whether they have experienced one or more side effects.

We compile the number of doses injected, doses received and vaccinations completed from provincial websites and data from the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group. We make all of the data we compile on COVID-19 public in CSV files. Click on the links to download the Quebec regional data, the Canadian provincial data and the aggregate data for Canada. Unless there is a problem, these files are updated hourly. For other sources, click on the links displayed under the corresponding tables or graphs.


February 16, 2021:

The text Who are the Canadians vaccinated first? has been adjusted to reflect changes made by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization for the prioritized groups. Adults aged 50 to 69, adults from racialized and marginalized communities or at risk of developing a severe form of COVID-19 as well as essential front-line workers have passed in front of healthcare workers who have not direct contact with the public.

The text Why is vaccination important? has been modified to clarify that science has yet proven beyond doubt that immunization conferred by COVID-19 vaccines reduces transmission of the virus.

Naël Shiab data journalist, Daniel Blanchette Pelletier journalist, Santiago Salcido designer, Melanie Julien desk-editor, Martine Roy coordinator. With the collaboration of Mélanie Méloche-Holubowski.