The state of the pandemic

Compare the spread of the coronavirus in Canadian provinces, US states, and countries around the world. Our figures are updated daily.

By Naël Shiab

September 10, 2020

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The dots represent the number of cases or deaths per day. The curve represents the 7-day moving average.


Each point represents the number of cases or deaths reported for a given day. The curves represent the 7-day moving average, starting at the most recent day. For each 7-day period, the values ​​are averaged. These average values ​​are then used to draw the curves.

To compile Canadian figures, CBC / Radio-Canada monitors press releases and communications from various levels of government, including health agencies.

International figures come from Johns Hopkins University. On mobile, for performance reasons, only countries with a population of one million or more are considered.

For some countries, like Spain, changes in methodology in the counting of cases or deaths have caused cumulative totals to decrease at certain times. In these cases, we have reduced the values ​​to the most recent lower number. (This change is not reflected in the raw data to download below.)

We make all of the data we compile on COVID-19 public in CSV files. Click on the links to download regional data for Quebec, Canadian provincial data, American states data and data for countries around the world. Unless there is a problem, these files are updated hourly.

Naël Shiab, data journalist; Francis Lamontagne, designer; Mathieu Saint-Laurent developer; Melanie Julien, desk-editor; Martine Roy coordinator