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One hundred years of history

Canada above and beyond

Canada’s conquest of the skies began at an elevation of under nine metres. On February 23, 1909, the Silver Dart made the first powered flight in the country’s history, over a distance of 800 metres.

One hundred years later, a replica of this legendary plane took flight over the very same frozen surface of Baddeck Bay, Nova Scotia. The event kicked off the Canadian Centennial of Flight celebrations, which continued throughout the year from coast to coast to coast.

The story of Canadian aviation is filled with passion, courage and sacrifice. Beginning in the fall of 2009, CBC and Radio-Canada will broadcast Canada Above and Beyond, a 4-part documentary series that spotlights the men and women who went "above and beyond" to pursue a pure and simple passion: taking to the skies.

Our site offers a comprehensive tour of events happening across the country.

The Canadian Centennial of Flight is also your celebration. If you have a memory to share or have attended a commemorative ceremony send us your comments, photos and audio/video clips. We’ll continue to post them on our website throughout the year and invite you to visit us often for new updates.

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