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Episode 9 - End of the Journey

Set sail for adventure!

Be part of a unique adventure aboard L'Espérance, a three-masted schooner such as those that transported our ancestors from the Old Continent to America.

The first route is that taken by the colonists. Each week, you can follow their daily progress aboard the ship making the journey from La Rochelle to Quebec City by clicking on the blue dots on the map.

The second route is a fictional crossing based on archival material from that period of what could have occurred in the colonial era. Click on the yellow dots on the map to find out more.

The site contains exclusive video clips, surveys and photo galleries. Enjoy the adventure!

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As far back as I can remember, I have always been drawn to adventure. My daily choices are driven by the desire to get me out of my comfort zone and expose myself to enriching experiences.

Meet the colonists

Guillaume Rivest